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  • YakaKoPay

    YakaKoPay is an emergency Power Credit service for the clients to enjoy uninterrupted power usage.

    “YakaKoPay” is a service that will enable and facilitate Yaka prepaid power clients who urgently need power to purchase the power units on credit. YakaKoPay is Power on Credit.

    We shall be coming to Post Paid soon.

  • For Businesses

    Businesses will sign up to provide YakaKoPay as a benefit to their employees. The businesses will therefore approve/deny all respective employees that will have registered for the service.

    The Business will therefore deduct the amount (credit) the employee will have used at the end of the month or/and agreed upon period from the salary.

  • For Mobile Network Operators

    Regular Mobile Money subscribers will be able to enjoy YakaKoPay as an Added Value Service after registering for the service. Credit scoring will be done on each Mobile Money subscriber that will also determine the amount of funds they qualify to get for Yaka purchase.

    The credit will therefore be deducted when funds are deposited on the Mobile Money account of the subscriber.

  • For Aggregators

    Registered users will be able to use their PIN CODE from the Point of Sale terminals and Self-Service Kiosks of PayWay, Ezee Money, NewPay and others to access YakaKoPay.

    The next time the user tops up or/and recharges their Yaka, the funds will automatically be deducted.

  • For Banks

    Registered users with accounts in their respective Banks will be able to access YakaKoPay services. When users deposit funds on their respective accounts, the credit/debt is automatically deducted.

  • Access

    YakaKoPay can be got through the Web App and Mobile App.




Businesses including but not limited to companies, corporations, Government, Non-Government Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, clinics, factories and others can sign up and YakaKoPay will be offered to their respective employees. Businesses and individuals are welcomed to sign up or contact us to assist you to sign up.

Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

YakaKoPay will leverage on the Mobile Network Operators’ Mobile Money platform to offer the service to the general mass. The service is coming soon.


Partnership with PayWay, Ezee Money, NewPay, InterSwitch and other aggregators to offer YakaKoPay through the Point of Sale terminals, Self-service kiosks and the respective distribution networks. The service is coming soon.


Partnership with Banks like Centenary, Stanbic, DFCU, Pride, Opportunity, Equity, Barclays, Orient, UBA, Bank of Africa, Tropical, Cairo and others to offer YakaKoPay to their respective Account holders. This service is coming soon.


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